My Quest for the Perfect Pen

I have been journaling and writing in planners for years now and have tried so many types of pens. I wanted to find the perfect one that would last a long time. As a writer, I need a pen that is not only functional but also beautiful. I want it to be the perfect pen for my writing.

I have been using a fountain pen all year, but I was really looking for something more functional. I wanted something good for drawing as well as writing.

I use pens from a variety of brands, including Paper Mate, Sharpie, Uniball Jetstream, Uniball Signo Gel Impact, Sakura Pigma Micron Pens, Pilot G-2 Pens, Pentel Energel Pens, and many others.

A lot of pens are just not functional enough, too ugly to write with, or too expensive for my budget. So I set out on a quest to find the perfect pen for journaling and writing in my planner.

The Pilot G-2 07 Gel Ink Pen is my favorite because it’s functional and beautiful. This pen has gel ink that is smooth and doesn’t clog up. It also has a fine point, which makes it easier to write in small spaces. The ink color is dark enough to be seen on most papers, but not too dark that it will show through to the other side of the paper. I love that I can write in different colors without having to worry about smudging or ruining my journal and planner because of the gel ink.

So what is the perfect pen? It’s up to you! You should find out which types of pen will work for your needs and pick the best one from there!

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