Why Do I Still Prefer Analog Over Digital When Writing?

I’m sure that many people would disagree with me, but I still prefer analog writing over digital writing. There are many reasons why I still do it the old-fashioned way.

Some of the main reasons are that I find it easier to brainstorm ideas and organize my thoughts on paper instead of on a computer screen. I also find it much more satisfying to physically see my progress as I write and edit, rather than scrolling up and down on a screen. I like the tactile pleasure of gliding my pen over paper better.

In addition, when writing in analog, there is less distraction from social media or other websites that can pop up in my browser window at any time.

The act of writing is an important part of my creative process. This is because it forces me to slow down and think about what I am going to write. The physical act of writing forces me to be more creative because I need to think about how I am going to form my thoughts into words.

When I write on my computer, I miss the physical act that can lead me to better concentration. But when I write with pen and paper, my thoughts flow more freely than when I’m typing. Maybe it’s because my hands are able to move as they please, which leads to less distraction and increased focus.

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